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About us

We really enjoy IT and everything around it

Our story

We have decided to apply our skills and experience from large international enterprises and founded our own company. We are building a professional but friendly and open environment with group of skillful people.

We really enjoy IT in general and work with people and you will feel it when working with us. We can and want to move your business forward.

Discover our team

Innovation, Business
We really enjoy IT. I see our added value for you not only in our rich experience but also in the ability to communicate everything correctly.
IT management
I am in the company mainly through IT processes and management. If you want any advice about IT, I'm your man. In addition, I deal with customer communication in the company.
2nd level support
I will provide you with technical service support for urgent problems or some longer-term tasks. By phone, online or I will come directly to your place.
Project management
We will plan and then implement your new IT project or take over the existing one. Easily, we will enter your environment and bring some proposals for project management supported by certified methodologies.
IT consultancy
I will help you with a long-term strategy for your company. Firstly, we will identify the environment according to your and your customers' needs, and together we will propose an optimal solution so that everything works reliably.
Network, Security
We can help you to secure your company's connection and optimize network speed. Do you have multiple branch offices? Let's see if we can connect them better and save even more.

A little from our history