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Customer enjoying our service

Jiří Koutník
DB Schenker

We needed to ensure high quality IT support for one of our important locations working in a shift pattern. It is a highly dynamic center with a lot of innovations and frequent changes and growth projects. Quality and reliable support of production and continuous work on new projects is extremely crucial to us. We could not achieve that with our own workforce and decided to outsource this IT support. We approached Their attitude impressed me. They are very professional in service delivery and very flexible towards our ever growing requirements. They integrated with our IT organization completely naturally. Today they provide us even highly skilled IT Project Managers for other high profile projects. They are not just cold machines who deliver only what they have to. They come with useful ideas instead. And last but not least, we understand each other also on the human level.

Pavel Švarc
PSV Cargo helps us a lot with IT support and services. They have a professional attitude with understanding of users' needs. They are always available when a problem arises and manage to find the best solution in any given situation. I want to thank them this way for their professional attitude and reliability. I recommend team.

Damien Thorn

I have chosen for outsourcing of our IT. Cooperation is absolutely perfect. I appreciate mainly the speed of problem resolution and human communication, understandable also for us 'non-IT' people.

Adam Karásek
CARE Česká republika provides for us a highly valuable free of charge IT support we can not say enough good things about. Our wishes are being fulfilled promptly, professionally and in very pleasant way. We recommend!

Jaroslava Ester Evangelu
Brněnská personalistika

IT technologies are crucial for our daily work at BP, especially nowadays, when many activities are moving into the on-line environment. My expertise is psychology, not IT. Therefore I highly appreciate having IT guys who made an effort to understand how do we work first and only after they proposed a solution. the solution offered is according to our needs and budget, with smile. They understand their reliability and customer's satisfaction as a basic prerequisite of their work.